5 Key Differences Between Live and Online Poker

Poker is a hugely accessible casino game nowadays, especially given the rate at which technology has managed to develop and its capabilities.

Players are now able to pick and choose the different type of game that suits them best, with it now possible to enjoy online poker games with convenience or head to a traditional casino venue and enjoy an authentic and classic gaming experience.

What are the biggest differences between Live and Online poker?

Of course, there are some differences between the two styles of game, with players able to enjoy a range of benefits that one offers over the other. Many of them are immediately noticeable, and they can have a big impact on the way that the game is played.

  1. Convenience

Having already mentioned it briefly, the convenience that online games provide is one of the key differences available that separates it from the live version of the game. Players may not always be able to go to a physical casino establishment to play a live game, as they may not have the time or the resources to travel.

The convenience of playing online means gamers are able to enjoy a session whenever they want and are not restricted by location or time. Technology has advanced the digital version of poker to new heights, too, with players able to enjoy live experiences that are authentic and can offer hyper-realistic game scenarios. This can all be enjoyed wherever possible, as there is no longer the requirement to go to a physical poker room.

  1. Lack of social interaction

A key takeaway from online games is that there can be a lack of social interaction, which can have a negative impact on the overall gaming session. While players may not always want to talk to each other when at the table, a huge part of the game is about body language, reading tells, and playing bluffs.

When online, these aspects of the game are taken away, as players can sit behind a screen and let their emotions be revealed without any potential cost. In a live scenario, they need to be more strategic, as they will not want to give their position up and potentially reveal the secrets of their hand. Some may enjoy this aspect more than the game itself, thus making live options more appealing than those available online.

  1. Pace of the game

A key difference that exists between live poker and many online poker games that are available to play is the pace of the game. Those that are possible to enjoy on the internet are typically faster in terms of their speed, with players able to make decisions instantly based on the cards that they have and they can see.

Live poker is typically slower as players will usually want to take their time and will want to study what everyone else is doing around them. Additionally, there are many physical components to this game that are not used in online versions, such as the playing cards and chips themselves. Decisions online can also be made quicker, which speeds the game up even further.

  1. More distraction with online poker

It could be argued that online poker games provide more distractions than live versions. When playing online, players might not find themselves in an environment that is best suited for their concentration levels or they might be distracted by other webpages and ads that can often appear between their turns.

In live poker games, they are usually situated in a room that keeps these distractions to a minimum. There is often a lot of silence as the setting is controlled, thus allowing players to concentrate better on what they are doing.

  1. Different bet sizes

A live poker game might consist of stakes that are typically larger in size than the ones that can be made online. Players who enjoy live traditional poker will usually be accomplished pros and enthusiasts who know what they are doing and like to go for bigger prize pots when playing.

Online poker games can cater to a variety of different types of player, as they usually offer smaller stakes and games that do not feature a minimum bet. If they do, they are usually a lot lower than the entry bet for live table games.


There is no denying that both types of games offer their benefits and drawbacks, with the five reasons highlighted above being among the biggest key differences. Picking a type of poker game to play will depend on the player’s preferences, but there is no doubt that each game can offer them something different.