Bulls Versus Trailblazers Mar 18 2024

Bulls Prove Again Keeping their core together was the correct decision. In March 18th’s win over the Portland Trailblazers, Alex Caruso and Demar Derozan shined to close out the game in the fourth quarter. Andre Drummond’s minutes have been greatly increased and changed the bulls biggest weakness of rebounding into way less of a problem. Alex has only one season left on his contract and Derozan and Drummond’s expire this season. All three were being pushed as necessary to unload before the trade deadline to begin a rebuild. But this victory over the Blazers makes it clear offering these three extensions is the future of the bulls and instead of a rebuild we should continuing building and forging this most clutch team of the NBA season

The best path for the Bulls future right now is to CUT Lonzo Ball from the lineup. His salary off the cap will allow us to offer Demar Derozan the MAX contract he deserves. Andre Drummond deserves at least 14 million dollars a year for a 2 year contract extension. And Alex Caruso has been teaching the entire guard unit how to play proper defense. Ayo Dosumnu’s progress is huge and he had incredible 2 player play with Alex. Ayo’s steals are increasing more per game clonelike of Caruso’s steals and he is knocking down three pointers as a sharpshooter reminiscent of his University of Illinois years. Caruso has also been over 40% from 3.

The BIGGEST and BOLDEST move the Bulls must make now is offering Zach Lavine to anyone for ANYTHING. If we need to pay half his salary then so be it. Even all of it. It doesn’t matter. The Bulls are guard heavy and every single one of them is better than Zach will ever be again. Coby White is the Bulls future superstar alongside Demar Derozan. Vucavic is still a solid big man and the Bulls need to keep their big boys. Coby will need to be paid in the future. This core must stay together because the chemistry is building.


The Bulls have chosen not to enter a rebuild. That means to build on the chemistry developing. And that means cutting what hasn’t gelled this entire time

Lonzo was amazing before his injury. He will be luck to ever walk again. Get him out of here.

Zach Lavine cannot drive to the hoop anymore. Ayo and Coby and Caruso all drive incredibly. Carter is a better 3 point shooter. They all are. Zach is useless. But he might be worth something to the hornets or pistons or another piss poor franchise. Let them bail us out of our problems. Let us give the space for our good crops to GROW.

The Bulls have a future. But do they have the guts to make the moves that will make it happen?

The Chicago Bulls will play the Houston Rockets on March 21 at 7:00 PM Eastern Time. Be sure to watch! The Bulls SHOULD win against the weaker roster Rockets after 2 days off and playing weaker teams like the Blazers and Wizards recently.

By Author David Nagler

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Good thoughts, glad they brought back Javonte Green