MPlayerplug-in Looping Audio


YTMND is a community site where members can submit an image with looping audio in the background. Many Linux users have viewed YTMND at some point in their online experience, and may be concerned that the sounds don't appear to be looping or not even playing at all.


An application that can play sounds in a browser such as Firefox is called mplayerplug-in. Check the package manager to install it. Various installation methods are as follows:

apt-get install mozilla-mplayer

emerge mplayerplug-in

FreeBSD Ports
cd /usr/ports/www/mplayer-plugin && make install clean


Once installed, check your browser to see if the mplayer audio plays for .mp3 and .wav content. In order to enable looping for YTMND, add the following line to the file ~/.mplayer/config. Create this file if it doesn't already exist.


Once this is added to the file, check a .wav or .mp3 source and it should loop continuously. This will affect the regular mplayer program as well.