Illegal Mexicans Are The Least Of Your Problems


All I hear is ranting and raving about how the illegal immigrants are "the cancer that is killing our country" or "the ultimate cause of economic destruction." Woah, slow down there HITLER, remember when you said the same thing about the Jews. I've even seen people accuse the illegal immigrants for causing the staph infections floating around America. Here are some things that explain why you shouldn't be that mad at immigrants.

The Cost Of The War VS Those Damn Illegal Mexicans

On November 17th, 2007, this is the total amount of US dollars spent on the war. $469,476,583,185. Pocket change. You can even see how much it cost your county alone at the Cost Of War. Once a bomb is dropped on Iraq, that money is lost forever. Numbers about the costs of Mexicans are speculated and people pretend as if once they get money, it never gets spent and that they never pay taxes. In case you haven't noticed, Mexicans eat too. That means they pay this thing called SALES TAX in addition to the amount of money they just put back into the economy by getting a Big Mac. What's that? They need a place to live too? Even more money spent IN AMERICA! This lady would be considered a smart, college educated person. She's a professor of law and had the support of a tax lawyer. To sum it up, her viewpoint is that illegal Mexicans help the economy because they pump billions back into the market through goods and taxes without taking money off of federal programs, since they can't even apply for most federal programs.

The idea that illegal immigrants leech off of welfare is ridiculous. If you were illegally in another country, your number one concern would be TO NOT GET CAUGHT AND SENT BACK. So what does that mean? That means that if you don't want to be tracked by the government, YOU DON'T SIGN UP FOR WELFARE. They can't exactly vote either, so it's not like they have any power with decisions regarding the law. These people pay money into sales tax, property tax, income, social security, and they can't vote. The whole entire country was founded on the idea, "No taxation without representation." Would paying $428 billion dollars in taxes in 2006 be enough to cover the resources they use?

These people are saving you money while they're here as well. Why do you think the price of food is so low? The cost of gathering it all goes down with advances in technology and CHEAP LABOR. These guys are here to provide the best they can for their family. Isn't that the American dream itself? They adandon their homeland so they can come here and earn a better life for the people they love. These guys aren't criminals, they're fathers.


According to this man, who's running a campaign against illegals so I'll even use his current numbers, "Arizona spends over $800 million (K - 12) annually to educate illegals." This is a cause of outrage for many. How does any American usually learn another language or even learn how to read? By learning it and practicing it in school. LEARN AND READ FLUENT ENGLISH IF YOU WANT TO BE HERE, BUT UHHH LEARN IT ON YOUR OWN, WE HAVE NO DESIRE TO HELP YOU.

By the way, the native language of America is Cherokee. Since it was too hard to learn, we just killed all the people who spoke it instead, and then claimed the land as ours. I don't remember the people on the Mayflower filling out an application to apply for citizenship. This guy puts it the best:

"Yes, they came here illegally. I am not condoning this, but I ask you to please consider that none of us would be here today if it wasn't for the fact that our grandparents, great-grandparents, or some family ancestor came to America as an immigrant. Except for Native Americans and African-Americans, every single one of us is here today because of a relative who got to America by 'hook or crook.' How can any of us justify slamming the door behind us - 'Okay, we're in! Everybody else, stay away!'"


As IBM cuts in U.S., it hires in India (14,000 Jobs To India)
General Motors closes Buick City complex in Flint, Michigan (28,000 Jobs To Mexico)

Just two examples comes out to 42,000 jobs lost to foreign countries. What's the lesser of two evils?

Pros of outsourcing and kicking out all the Mexicans:

  • You secretly hate Mexicans, so now this way you won't have to see as many, since all the jobs are in India.
  • All of your clothes and Nike shoes are cheaply made by kids in a sweatshop. But screw them. That's what they get for being born over there.
  • Now you can finally apply for a job in manual labor without so much damn competition.

Cons of outsourcing and kicking out all the Mexicans:

  • The jobs are completely lost to another country.
  • Rich people get richer by reducing costs. Instead of helping people already in America, you send money to India and Mexico.
  • Every time you get on the phone for Microsoft support, you claim to barely understand the guy.

These aren't idiot jobs either, jobs in computers are being sent overseas. Jobs in computers don't need a man in that location, they can work wirelessly over the internet. People in India will never pay sales tax for American goods. Americans actually want jobs in computers, too bad they're all being sent over there. When was the last time you ever said, "Man, I wish I could work in a hot field for less than minimum wage and no benefits." Probably never, so I don't see why everyone gets so pissed when an illegal Mexican takes a job you would never even consider doing, while the white collar jobs are sent to India.

Build Me A Dang Ol' Fence

It'll keep out the TERRORISTS. Right? These men would disagree.

Ringleader Mohammed Atta entered with a legal visa several times before 9/11. Zacarias Moussaoui was here on a legal student visa. - Chuck Morse
All 19 terrorists had legal visas. - George Caylor

What makes you think Mexicans won't do the same thing? Get a worker's visa, stay here, done. Way to waste money on a fence that they didn't even have to cross.


It may pain you to realize Obama isn't in support of English being the official language of the country. Then you realize that IT DOESN'T MATTER because it doesn't outlaw every other language from being on a sign and is merely a symbol. Maybe time would be better spent working on ending the war or stopping outsourcing instead of wasting resources by arguing if English should be the official language. It's just another distraction from real issues that will face you today.