Linux And FreeBSD Gaim Transparent System Tray Icon



Gaim 1.5.0 is the standard version of the popular instant messenger in Gentoo portage and the FreeBSD ports. It works great and feels better than 2.0, but there is one small annoyance that was fixed in later versions. This fix should work in all versions of Linux and FreeBSD, so feedback is appreciated.

Old Tray

The system tray icon isn't transparent and it looks terrible on Fluxbox. This was fixed in Gaim 2.0 and I applied the same patch to the libraries that control the system tray in Gaim 1.5.


Download the libraries in either format above. Depending where Gaim is installed, go to either /usr/lib/gaim or /usr/local/lib/gaim. Backup the two files and Then, replace them with the two files you found in the archive. Load Gaim, and you should get the following result.

New Tray

If it all works, great. If not, remove the two new files and replace them with your backup. If you didn't feel like doing that, just reinstall it.

Source Patch

If you need the source for this, download the source eggtrayicon.c from above. Replace the file gaim-1.5.0/plugins/docklet/eggtrayicon.c with this one. Compile as normal and the patch will be complete.