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Disable Bash Highlight on Ctrl+R Search or Paste
How to disable the highlight feature in Readline-8.1.

Don't See Rambo V
Sylvester Stallone owes me 11 years of my life back.

hammer2: no space left on device on Dragonfly BSD
How to recover from your hammer2 filesystem running out of space.

Setting Up NFS on Dragonfly BSD
A guide for setting up NFS on Dragonfly BSD.

Bulls Versus Trailblazers Mar 18 2024

Ultimate Guide to Casino Affiliate Management

Los Angeles Lakers versus Atlanta Hawks October 18th 2024

California Ballot Initiatives That Would Fix Olive Garden
A list of initiatives that could fix Olive Garden for anyone living in the state of California.

Atoms vs. Allbirds
Atoms are everything Allbirds failed to be.

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Finding the Bitcoin Address on a BitPay Invoice
They intentionally left it off, but finding it is easy.

Tesla Model S Autopilot 2.0 Features As Of January 2017
A quick look at the features available to the Tesla Model S with Autopilot 2.0 hardware.

Evolution of Gambling

New Zealand Slots

Cannot access the WebBios on LSI MegaRaid 9260/9265
Having problems acccessing the WebBios for a MegaRaid controller?

Cannot See Video For Google Plus Hangout on Linux
Having problems seeing your webcam video stream in Google Plus on Linux?

Ship Car

Review of the Top 30 Burgers in Chicago List
A review of the review of the top 30 burgers in Chicago.

Online Casino VIP Player

Terms Conditions Casino

Casino Owners

Online Gambling Regulations

Slot Bet Sizes

The Evolution of Menu Presentation

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Betamo Casino Review by

Undetected Cheats

Perl Net::Oscar Cannot Send Messages
If your bot is receiving a message from AIM and causing crashes, the solution is here.

Best translation services UK

Remove the Google Sidebar
A stylish script to remove that disgusting sidebar on Google in Firefox or any other browser with custom stylesheets.

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Game Addiction: Betting Bliss

Automating Mundane Tasks: The Rise of Bots and Scripts

Best wood for office table top

Best office furniture london

Display Project Wonderful Earnings In Conky
Display your current Project Wonderful funds and earnings right in your Linux/BSD system monitor.

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Unknown media type in type Fix
A solution to errors about Unknown media type in type in Linux.

How field management software can change the home services business

Stylish Script To Fix Google Font Size
A stylish script to undo the horrible change to the Google font size.

Stop Ruining The IMDb Top 250
Here are some tips to help save the list.

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Diablo II - Frequency Out Of Range Fix
The quick fix to a frequency out of range error when loading Diablo II.

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Setup A Skulltag Server On Linux/BSD
A guide to setting up the popular Doom II port on a personal server.

Getting a Career in E-Sports

Stop Checking For Flash
The wonders of a worthless detection kit.

Decoding the Overarching Influence of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency on Digital Gaming

Display AdSense Earnings In Conky
Display various AdSense statistics right in your Linux/BSD system monitor.

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Religulous - Not Playing In My Theatre
Hey cool, don't play the movie by me.

Net Audio Ads / Pay Per Play Sucks
Another terrible advertising company.

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Block Online Advertisements
Several methods for blocking online ads.

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Runescape Auto Typer Updated
The popular Auto Typer for Runescape has been updated.

Role of Generative AI in Boosting Mobile App's Cybersecurity

Run As The Root Account
It's time to start being a man.

HTML To BB Code Converter
A fully working, online HTML to BB Code converter for forums.

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Cannot access the Hardware Clock via any known method
Having problems acccessing your hardware clock on Linux?

Online Casino Security

Solve crossword puzzles and Hangman using this online and downloadable application.

Neopets Auto Buyer
Scans the Shop Wizard and buys all of a certain item under your set price.

Create A Link, Post An Image
Basic HTML generators for those without the knowledge.

888 Starz

A very simple but working Hangman game.

Will Code And Design For Cash
Coding and designing service for the summer.

Unbeatable Tic-Tac-Toe
A Tic-Tac-Toe game where you won't find yourself the winner anytime soon.

Mobile Landscape

GPG GUI - Password Protect Any File
A GnuPG front end that allows any file to be password protected on Windows and Linux/BSD.

Go See Rambo IV
It is the greatest movie ever created.

What Are Some Coping Skills for OCD?

Get Your Site Listed In The Major Search Engines Free
A guide to getting listed in all of the popular search engines.

Linux Auto Typer
Auto typer using GTK+ 2.X and xvkbd on Linux for any X application.

Enable Spell Checking In Konversation
Enable spell checking in the Linux IRC application Konversation.

Ron Paul Is Insane
The internet loves this 2008 presidential candidate.

Illegal Mexicans Are The Least Of Your Problems
Outsourcing vs. keeping the jobs here.

Inverted Flipping Animation
Transform a normal image into an inverting, horizontal flipping one.

Legal Gaming

Internet Filters Are Racist
Bess doesn't care about black people.

Underground Utility Mapping

Gaim Transparent System Tray Icon
Fix the transparent system tray bug in Linux Gaim.

Rocketplay Login

FreeBSD vs. Gentoo
A comparison of the FreeBSD and Gentoo operating systems.

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Unofficial Application For Jewel-Osco
Now's your chance to get that dream job.

An Argument With A Woman
Good luck. You'll need it.

Convert And Compress An Audio File
Convert audio files to a wide range of formats and compression rates.

Convert And Resize An Image
Convert and optimize the file size and dimensions of any image type.

Music Video Search And Resizer
Search, locate, and resize music videos from YouTube.

Online Virus Scanner
Scan any file format in seconds.

Play Rock, Paper, Scissors Against Rambo
Classic game of rock, paper, scissors against John Rambo.

Check A List Of Sites For W3C HTML And CSS Validation
Tool for checking multiple sites for W3C validation at once.

Dictionary Definitions Lookup
Research a list of words and find their definitions.

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Clicksor Advertising Sucks, Don't Use Them
A warning for publishers using Clicksor.

Internet Explorer vs Firefox vs Opera
Comparison of the three popular web browsers.

Myspace Profile Comment Bomber
Send 50 comments to a friend's profile in 60 seconds.

Quick AIM Link IM Generator
Generate an AIM link to put on a web page or personal profile.

Auto Talker/Auto Clicker For The Game Runescape (Old Version)
Popular auto typer for Runescape and other practical uses.

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MPlayerplug-in Looping Audio
Enable sound and looping to display YTMND properly on Linux.

Custom Flash MP3 Player
Flash-based music player with updatable playlists.

Orange Tree Game
PHP demonstration of a game where the player manages an orange tree.

Andar Bahar King

Melbet Bangladesh Review

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