Will Code And Design For Cash


I am willing to write php scripts and help build your website template. If you have the idea, and you need it done, then I'm the man you need to go to! I've done hundreds of tiny scripts for people, so they can get exactly what they want with the results they desire.

Do you need someone to remove the duplicates from a giant list? Do you want an upload script so users can submit content to your site? Do you want an email form so people can email you automatically and inquire about a product? I can do all of that and more!


My prices are extremely fair. I'm asking for the base price of $12. This will buy you up to one hour of work on a single script or idea. You can tell me every little detail as I go, and I'll even show you real-time updates on the progress I'm making. If the solution is bigger, then I'll have no problem sticking with you to keep it moving along and discussing a fair price for the both of us.

All payments must be done in PayPal. I'm not accepting any mailed money or credit card numbers here, just money sent to a virtual online account. I would suggest emailing me for any ideas you may have.