Net Audio Ads / Pay Per Play Sucks


Don't sign up for Net Audio Ads / Pay Per Play advertising. I'll show you why!

Straight To The Point

I could write a huge article about their business model and build up to this, but I'll be direct. They didn't pay me. Simple as that. I earned $25+ for having that ad play a couple thousand times over the course of a month. The minimum payout price is $25 to paypal. Never happened.

I notified support that my payment was a good two months late, and here's the reply I got back a few days later.

The email reply

Looks promising, right? Actually no, it's September 29th now and they still haven't "fixed the few technical problems" they have going on. I emailed them again over a week ago and they just didn't reply at all.

Maybe they just figure, oh it's only one guy, he can't do anything about it. Probably the same thing Clicksor thought, except the number #1 result for Clicksor Advertising on Google is now titled "Clicksor Advertising Sucks."

Technical Things

The ad slot is never full for you. I gave them thousands of hits and only a small fraction of them actually received an ad. In fact, for the entire month of August, nearly every single hit was a non-ad. I was driving them thousands of visitors and they weren't even playing ads for me.

Others Agree

Looks like I'm not the only one with complaints on Net Audio Ads either. Some people just find the idea of an ad that starts blaring as soon as the user loads the page to be a complete annoyance as well.

Basically, Don't Use Them

Don't even bother with these guys. You'll give them huge amounts of traffic, they'll fill a very small part of it, and then they just won't pay you.