Religulous - Not Playing In My Theatre

This Is Stupid

They were just showing Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed a couple of months ago. What a load of crap, now they won't show Religulous at my theatre. Beverly Hills Chihuahua is playing ELEVEN TIMES on Friday.

They sure give a huge array of showplaces to pick from for watching this movie. Thank GOD they had room for Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

There's not even a theatre playing it anywhere in my area, I'd have to go at least 40 minutes out of my way to see this movie. I wouldn't be surprised if I can't find a torrent for this documentary, it might not be playing near the pirate's showplace either.

Phone Call

I called and asked if there was a mistake on the site. The employee on the other end said it would not be showing because it was not picked by the company to play. I told her to leave feedback with whoever is the manager and to ask, "Why was Expelled in theatres a couple of months ago and this was not?" My feedback was most likely promptly forgotten and will never be heard by anyone.

She said I can come in and talk to a general manager for more details. Considering they're not playing the movie I wanted to see, I don't see any reason to go to the theatre.

One More Thing

What the hell is up with Yahoo Mail filtering out the download link to Slacker Uprising? I put in that email weeks ago, and the day the movie came out, it was not in my spam folder or inbox. I even entered the email again, the day it was out, and nothing ever came. I threw in a gmail address, and I had the email in two minutes.