Myspace Surveys


Refresh for another random survey.


x: are you a deep or lightsleeper?

x: do you have a fixed bedtime or do you go whenever your tired?

x: what size is your bed?

x: do you share it with anyone?

x: what colour sheets and duvet do you have?

x: how many pillows?

x: do you have stuffed toys on your bed?

x: do you ever wake up in the middle of the night?

x: do you remember your dreams?

x: describe your last most vivid dream?

x: do you often have nightmares?

x: what was the last nightmare you had?


x: your own computer or is it a family computer?

x: are you good with computers?

x: do you have your own mobile phone or phone line?

x: what kind of TV do you own?

x: DVD player?

x: VCR?

x: hair dryer?

x: hair straightners/curling tongs?


x: are you a vegetarian or acarnivore?

x: what are your favourite foods?

x: where is your favourite restaurant?

x: fastfood restaurant? 

x: do you eat out often?

x: what is your favourite ice cream flavour?

x: italian or chinese?

x: what is your favourite drink?


x: are you an animal person?

x: do you have any?

x: what are your favourite animals?

x: if you could tame any animal what would it be?

x: what animals are you scared of?

x: do you like rodents?

x: ever been to a zoo?

x: allergic to any animals?


x: what are you scared of? 

x: how much did the events of 9/11 scare you?

x: what has been the scariest moment of your life?

x: do you fear world poverty?

x: murder?

x: have you ever been in a really dangerous situation?


x: hairbrushes you own:

x: posters:

x: CDs:

x: mascaras:

x: hoodies:

x: cross necklaces:

x: calendars:

x: empty bottles in your room:

x: stuffed toys you have:

x: meals eaten in a day:

x: times broken the law:

x: hats:

x: books:

x: shoes:


x: meal:

x: drink:

x: alcohol:

x: hat worn:

x: friend you saw:

x: survey you filled before this:

x: bus you rode on: 

x: necklace you wore:

x: person you spoke to: 

x: person you kissed:

x: website you visited:

x: DVD you watched:

x: song you listened to: