Los Angeles Lakers versus Atlanta Hawks October 18th 2024

The L.A. Lakers absolutely dominated the lowly Atlanta Hawks who were without Trae Young. Many would argue they might be better without Young, however, who has proven to be nothing but a coach killer and a ball hog. Lebron James played well with 25 points in 28 minutes and a +/- positive twenty points for his Lakers. Anthony Davis, the real hammer of the Lakers had 22 points and a +/- positive 28 points . His defensive and offensive contributions cannot be understated. With the consistency of his performances he is proving to be the NBA’s best two-way player.

The Lakers did have an easy path to win the Play in tournament but it was still no fluke. Any superstar team had they been focused should have been able to win their way deep into the tournament. Nobody was as focused as Lebron James, however. I blame the Lakers’ struggles after winning the world’s first in season tournament to fears of the trade line discussion. Now that that time has passed and the Lakers are settled on who their team is they are the same force to be reckoned with. I personally view Michael Jordan as a nearly indisputable Greatest Of ALL Time. But I’d have to admit that Lebron James be kicking open the door of the discussion with a fifth championship and a second one for the historical Lakers franchise. His focus is on. He wants it. Anthony Davis is the weapon he can use to get it. He has shooters that are good enough to streak and win a game or two here and there in the playoffs like deangelo russell and austin reeves. The chemistry is good with the Lakers. Lebron still has a high basketball IQ. He’s a top 5 point guard of all time. Anthony Davis is a top 75 player. They can beat anyone. Well almost anyone. Except the Nuggets. Who have beat them 7 times in a row. And Jokic seems to be as legendary and GOATish as lebron james himself. His focus is as focused. Its disgusting to say to pray for an injury but without an injurty to the Denver Nuggets it seems impossible for the Lakers to beat the in a single game nevermind a 7 game series. But Lebron is still Lebron. And the terror that Jokic and the Nuggets present is why winning a championship this year would put Lebron firmly in the GOAT debate to even a Chicagoan like me.

The Lakers can beat the Clippers, Timberwolves, Warriors, Thunder, and any team in the west besides the Nuggets in a 7 game series theoretically. None of those teams want to run into them.

The LA Lakers will next play the Philadelphia Sixers on March 22nd 2024

By Author David Nagler

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