Five Benefits of eSports Betting in Dota

The fact that eSports is a booming industry can hardly be denied. With annual revenue of $1bn, it has a great army of followers around the world. By competing in multi-million dollar tournaments, players and bettors have lots of chances to earn good money.

Are you a traditional sports bettor or looking for something different? How about combining eSports with Dota 2? Believe it or not, but it turns out to be such a great fun! To make it sound more convincing to you, have a look at five benefits of betting on eSports.

It’s a growing market place

Considering the exciting numbers, Dota 2 is still in its infancy, especially when you compare it to the likes of football or basketball. There’s no sign of the decline now, and there won’t be any sign of it in the nearest future. At least, that’s what experts say. When it comes to eSports betting on Dota 2, it can be played all year round. Thus, there is no need to wait for a season to start. Apart from Dota, there is something for everyone in the eSports sector:

If you are in the mood to try your luck in eSports, why not combine it with your favorite video game. After all, Dota 2 has all the features that provide a delightful gaming experience.

It’s easy to access

There are high-quality eSports tournaments going on all year round. The same thing goes for Dota 2 where special events are conducted regularly on such websites as Twitch. As you can see, this fact is in strong contrast to more traditional sports that will often require you to subscribe to an expensive service or platform.

The fact that eSports and Dota 2 are so easily accessible has led to the growing number of views for their tournaments. For example, the League of Legends World Championship pulled more than 100 million viewers in 2019.

It’s similar to and different from traditional betting

You must be wondering how eSports is different from a traditional one. Dota 2 enthusiasts only have an opportunity to bet with eSports in order to make money. While there are lots of available markets, you can bet on your first Dota 2 match, but come across a market known as the “Moneyline”. It is similar to the “winner” market on football matches. There’s also a broad spectrum of handicap bets, just as there are in football. Also, you can try “first blood” that needs you to bet on a particular team to get the first kill in a match, similar to the first goal scorer in football.

It enables betting with cryptocurrencies

“Skins betting” has become a good alternative to money betting. Considering the recent crackdown of “skins betting,” the market has decided to focus on cryptocurrencies. This can vary from known ones like Ethereum to more professional one like SkinCoin. Can it be viewed as a new form of betting material? Of course, it can. It can provide you with more options to bet, and make the marketplace even more accessible. Even Dota 2 players can use cryptocurrencies to make bets on dota 2 bet website.

The Bottom Line

Data 2 is widely used for eSports due to its popularity in the market. It is constantly re-evaluated and maintained because developers know how important it is to make changes and improvements to the gameplay. This finds a reflection in new characters, items, skills, and even stages/maps, meaning there’s always something new to try in Dota 2.

Furthermore, all games of the Dota collection are always in production, developing an ever-changing environment. So, while most mainstream sports remain unchanged, eSports is Dota is always evolving by staying interesting for gamers and bettors.