How do you get free skins in CSGO FOR FREE?

We love Counter-Strike for many reasons: for the gameplay, for the fast rise of adrenaline in your veins, for the community, and, of course, for the possibility of weapon customization. Everyone who plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive knows how important skins are to the game and the community. But the problem is that the prices for them are often biting. Have you ever imagined that getting skins for CS:GO for free is realistic? You won't believe it, but it is. Here are our top ways to get free skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


The most obvious and probably best way to get free skins in CS:GO on your own is to just play the game. After every game, there is a chance to get a skin. At least once a week you are sure to get the coveted item, and by the way, this feature encourages players to keep playing the game itself.


To get attention, some sites or teams hold so-called giveaways or skin giveaways. But remember that all of this happens on different resources or social networks, so it is better to work hard and find someone willing to give something away now. And then, you'll just have to do some kind of task, like liking a post, reposting a comment, or something like that. And hope for your luck. This is the easiest and least energy-consuming process to get skins in CS: GO, but also the chances of winning the lottery, as you know, in most cases are not great.

However, some resources are willing to hold draws all the time. You can participate in regular Bloodycase giveaways. All you need to do is go to, register, and confirm your participation. There are three drawing options - daily, weekly, and monthly. With this frequency, absolutely everyone can win. You cannot wait, you should try now!


It is the most difficult option for newcomers to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but the value of the prize can be hundreds of dollars. If you are experienced, you may have already participated in such tournaments. To do this, you need to find an amateur tournament where they give skins for prizes, find your team, register it, and successfully perform at the event. Most amateur tournaments do not require a registration fee, so you can take part in many of them and win your free CS:GO skins.


By playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for a certain time, you'll get a few dozen cheap skins anyway. But what if you're ready to trade it all in for a particular skin that you're passionate about? You can sell all your junk even on Steam and buy the coveted item for that very money. And keep playing, increasing the value of your inventory.


If you don't know what the "Wall of Offers" is, we'll tell you. It's a site or app that allows you to "earn" rewards by completing various uncomplicated tasks. This can be watching videos, testing software, participating in paid surveys, and more. Once you earn enough points for completing tasks, you can spend them to get something like a gift card, a coupon, or free skins in CS:GO. But, in most cases, you will be rewarded with cheap skins. However, there's no need to get frustrated. There is a certain category of such resources that are not stingy about giving away any expensive skins absolutely for free.  However, their tasks may take much longer than you expect.