How to Get A Free .Com Name

Unfortunately, This Offer is Over

Ezyrewards has shutdown. The offer on this page is no longer valid. I am leaving this page up for archive reasons.

Sites That Used This Article

This site itself, was given a domain name completely free. This was done by using the advertising program EzyRewards. You can get a free .com name too, in about 3 days. The steps you can take to get your own free .com or .info are below.

Signup Process

Signup at EzyRewards. It is completely free. You are required to use real information when you signup. However, create a junk email right now that you will use to receive all the inevitable spam this offer contains. Also, it is required to use your real information. You must use a real phone number or an llc in georgia.

Upon signup, you can instantly start taking surveys. The surveys range form 1-3 pages and must be filled with real information. The companies have never called me but if you want to be sure, use the number you made at instead.

Once you complete a survey, it will take a couple hours for the points to cash. If it says Pending next to the offer, that means you will be credited soon.

Download a toolbar or something that has the option to autofill forms. This can reduce your time taking greatly, as it does get pretty tedious reentering your details about 20 times. As soon as you have taken a good amount of surveys, wait for your points to total up.

Claiming Your Domain

Now heres the part where your spend your points. If you have 1200 points you can finally get your .com. You must make an account at before you order however. The registration takes 5 seconds and after you are complete, you are given an ID number. Head back to ezyrewards and order your 1200 point domain and put your Optinom ID number in the form. Make sure you have the correct ID and hit accept.

By doing this, in about 24 hours you will recieve $8.20 credit for your optinom account. When the cash is transferred over, you can now purchase your domain. After you purchase a domain, you can either configure it to your existing webhost, or you can get free webhosting from ezyrewards here. In order to signup, you will need to have already bought your domain. You can have up to 100 MB space and 2GB bandwidth absolutely free, just be sure to apply on the forums.

Once you get your domain, read Submit Your Site To Search Engines to increase your traffic.

Note For Other Countries

Note: Some countries will need a referal to complete this. They are given fewer offers than United States/Australia residents. Despite this obstacle, one of my Canadian friends was still able to get his domain with referals, so don't let that stop you.