Reviews vs SEO: How Google Reviews Influence Your SEO

You may already know how important good reviews are for building trust with your customers, but were you aware that they could also have an impact on your search engine optimization? Google reviews can be a major factor in your SEO strategy, and in how your site ranks in search results for the keywords you want. Google considers both the positive and negative reviews of customers when ranking websites. When it comes to your SEO, building Google reviews often falls low on the priority list.

This article will examine how Google Reviews impact SEO, and the steps you can take to ensure that your website benefits from positive and negative Google Reviews. Now it's the time to compare SEO and reviews.

Google Reviews - What Are They?

Google Reviews are reviews of customers collected by Google. You'll first need a Google Merchant Account to collect Google Reviews. Google will contact your clients and ask them to fill out a quick survey. You can ask your customers to leave you a Google Review by clicking the Google Business Listing. These Google reviews can be displayed on your site and in other platforms for marketing, such as social networks. Google uses these reviews in order to calculate your star rating for your business to show to trustworthiness among new customers.

Google Reviews and SEO

Do reviews improve SEO? Yes. Google is a search engine that trusts users. The search engine uses user reviews as part of its algorithm to determine the ranking for a site in search results. Google also uses these reviews as a way to determine whether to give your site a ranking (amongst other things). Google considers a number of factors to determine how your site is ranked, including a high rating and the use of keywords that are long in form. Google reviews are particularly useful when targeting users in your locality and for local SEO.

 When ranking local search results, the platform considers three factors: relevancy, distance and prominence. Anyone searches in your area for the sake of something and clicks on your business listing. Unfortunately, the business has not les reviews misses the opportunity to gain more revenue. So, how can you save and increase revenue? Buy Google reviews to grace the listing of businesses.

Google Reviews: Positive Google Reviews

It means that even though a Thai Restaurant with many positive Google Reviews is closer to the customer, it could still easily beat out a rival restaurant who does not have so many Google Reviews.

What is Google looking for when you review your Google reviews?

Google always looks for factors outside your site, like Google reviews. What exactly is Google looking for when it comes to your Google reviews?

1. High-Star Ratings

Google is going to look at your rating. Google is more likely to trust your customers than you. You're sure to think your brand is fantastic, but how do your customers feel? Google is more likely to give your site a higher ranking for the search term you are targeting if your customers provide positive feedback with high ratings.

2. Long-form keywords

You can ask people not to use keywords in their reviews, but you should let them. Google will be looking for long-form keywords when it scours your reviews. It's good to know that customers are likely to use your keywords organically if they're relevant. Google may consider you a good website for "dog collars" if, as an example, you are selling pet accessories.

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Tip of the day! You can use existing Google reviews as well to help you determine the keywords that are most relevant. Look at your customer reviews and note if any words or phrases are repeated. As you will see, users use these words and phrases to describe your brand. You should target them as part of an SEO strategy.

3. Reviewing Reviews in Relative Time

Google also considers the date of the review, which means it takes into account when customers provide feedback. Google will give less weight to a recent review if it's been a long time since the customer has left one. Google will rank sites that have positive feedback that is recent, and not reviews that are several years old.

4. Review Responses

Google Reviews - good or bad - are an integral part of any marketing campaign. It shows your customers that you value their opinions and care about their pain points. This also benefits your SEO! Google rewards businesses who respond to Google Reviews. In your response, you can also include keywords that are important to your business. Google will scan them for any mentions. Overall, the 5-star rating of Google business makes it suspicious and fake; buy negative Google reviews to balance the ratio of positive and negative reviews.  It helps to make your business looks more real, organic and trustworthy.

Google Reviews Optimization Strategies

There are many ways to improve your Google rankings by optimizing reviews.

1. Encourage customers to leave reviews

You must first collect Google reviews before they can have an impact on SEO. Asking customers directly to review your business will encourage them. You can do this by sending an email after they receive their order, creating a page for them following the purchase or including links to your Google Business Profile on your social media and website. Allow customers to easily leave Google reviews!

2. Google Reviews: How to Respond

We've mentioned that responding to Google Reviews is one of best ways to make sure they impact your SEO positively. Google is clear that they will reward companies who reply to Google reviews. This gives you a great opportunity to include your targeted keywords. It is important to train your employees on how to best respond to Google Reviews.

3. Google Review Insights can help improve SEO

Google Business Insights can help you better understand your brand's performance when it comes Google Reviews. The average rating and the total number of reviews for your company will be displayed. This will allow you to see if there is more to do to improve Google Reviews and your SEO.

4. Deal with Negative Reviews

Google expects you to reply to all reviews, positive or negative. You can sometimes do all the right things, but still a customer will leave a bad review.

This can be frustrating and demoralizing, but your company must know how to deal with negative feedback and address it immediately. Make sure you are polite, professional and that your customer understands how much you appreciate their feedback. Google will be less likely, if it can tell that you responded to the negative review and have taken action to improve your site's ranking if they see how politely you handled this.

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Google Reviews: The importance of high-quality reviews for SEO

Google places a high value on quality in ranking websites. Google looks at the quality and quantity of content, your backlinks, your user experience, your Google Reviews, etc. You need not only to make sure that you have positive Google reviews, you must also collect real reviews by people you can trust. Although it may be tempting to buy fake reviews, Google can spot them a mile off and have a negative effect on your search engine optimization.

Encourage real customers to write a Google Review that contains their name, as well as a description of the service. Google will also be able to tell if the reviews are good if you add photos and additional information.

Review vs. SEO: A Summary

Google reviews can be a great way for Google to determine the quality of a site and how it should appear in search results. Encourage your customers to write Google reviews. This can have a significant impact on SEO.

The most important part of all this is to provide a positive service. If all the reviews are negative, they won't have the desired effect. After you have a better understanding of how Google reviews can impact your SEO results, look over these SEO errors to avoid in order to improve your SEO efforts.