How Can You Make Text Invisible in HTML?

HTML is the first language that every developer should learn when getting into this field. It is the most popular language that is used in almost every website. According to W3Techs, HTML is used by 95.3% of all websites that use Hyper Text Markup Language.

It works as a skeleton for the website, and the other languages are used for different types of clothes.

However, some new developers, after completing their HTML, start practicing to sharpen their skills. They use different elements and tags that help them to add unique styles to their code. Similarly,

When a developer tries to make the text invisible in the paragraph (<p> </p>), they get confused. It's because they don't know the right tag, they can use it to make text invisible.

So, in today's article, I'm going to show you some methods that can help you make text invisible in HTML.

But first, let's see what this invisible text is.

What is Invisible Text?

Invisible text is text that a human eye can't see, but machines can read and recognize it. In other words, it is a blank space.

Various techniques can be used to make text invisible to human eyes. We’ll discuss these techniques in the coming heads.

But before discussing “how,” let’s discuss “why.” Why would someone need to hide text to make it invisible?

Well, as per my thinking, there can be several purposes, though none is important:

  1. Blackhat SEO Strategy

Over a decade ago, SEO games were quite easy. Ambiguous and meaningless text with keyword stuffing could result in ranking high in the search engine.

Blackhat SEO experts used to add invisible text on their pages to add extra text and keywords that would be visible only to crawlers.

Such a technique was common because Search Engines were not smart enough at that time. Now this black hat technique can result in deranking your website from the search results.

  1. Design Requirement

Sometimes the text is kept hidden in layers by the web designers and it becomes visible upon certain actions. Accordions and Tabs are some common examples of such invisible text.

  1. Secrecy or Accessibility

Sometimes we don’t want everyone to read certain text and we want it to be available only to screen readers or special audiences. There can be some secret and hidden message for someone special.

You would have seen such examples when big brands ask you to find the hidden coupon code for special discounts.

Now you have an idea of what is hidden text, and you also know why and where hidden text is used. And now it’s time for the “How” part.

Methods to Make Text Invisible in HTML

Now, let's explore the methods that can help you make your text invisible in the HTML code.

  1. Use CSS Visibility: Hidden

To make the text invisible, you can hide the visibility in the CSS code. CSS, aka Cascading Style Sheet, is another language of coding that developers should also learn after completing HTML.

It works as a body or layout on the structure to make the website more appealing.

Now, let's get back to the point.

To create the invisible text in HTML, you can use the "CSS style visible" element. Don't worry. I will guide you completely through this.

<p style="visibility: hidden;">I’m an invisible text 😊.</p>

So, this was the first method to make your text invisible in HTML.

  1. Use CSS Color: Transparent

Another similar method to the above one that can help you create invisible text in HTML is by changing the color of the text to transparent. This will make the text hidden. Let me show you how this method works.

<p style="color: transparent;">I’m visually hidden text for human 😊.</p>

So, this was another method that you can use to make your text invisible in HTML code.

  1. Use an Invisible Text Generator

The last but not least method that can help you make text invisible is by using an online tool. In this method, you don't have to add any element or tag.

You can simply create invisible text using an online tool and paste it into the HTML code.

An invisible text generator is an online tool from where you can simply copy the invisible text and use it wherever you want.

Now, let me show you how you can use an invisible text generator. For illustration purposes, the tool I'm using is Invisible Text by Editpad.

Final Words

So, this blog explains how to make text invisible in HTML. Some people think it is challenging, but it's not. It only takes a few seconds if you know the right way. I have found some workable methods that can help you to hide text.

In the first and second methods, you can use different CSS styles to make the text invisible. But in the third method, you can copy hidden text from an online tool and paste it into the code.