3 Reasons to Migrate from Mozilla Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook

Email programs have always been very popular. A large part of users prefers to work with correspondence through a convenient mailing program of the trustful developer. On the other hand, it is difficult for many users to cope with an increasing number of incoming and outgoing correspondence. Therefore, the functionality of mailing service should respond to the requirements of modern times which make more and more people to migrate.

It is almost impossible to define a leader out of many programs in this category: it all depends on the user's requirements. We will consider the main pros and cons of MS Outlook, as well as the ways to migrate to it.

How to Migrate?

It is vital to know that data extraction includes changing the format of files. So, if you decided to change the service, you should pay attention to the tool able to perform smooth and fast transfer without losing any data or correspondence. We suggest you to use the Outlooktransfer app to convert thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook at the link https://www.outlooktransfer.com/products/thunderbird-to-outlook-transfer/.

Why Change the Mailing Client?

Despite some cons, MS products have one significant plus - good integration with the Windows OS. Due to this and to the fact that the mailing client from Outlook is installed in the OS by default, it is widely known among Windows users.

1)         Functionality

Microsoft Outlook is an easy-to-learn program with a convenient interface. New users will like detailed language assistance and a helpdesk that explains almost every program option. When you start the program for the first time, the Internet Connection Wizard will help you to create an inbox, and the homepage will tell you in which direction to move.

In terms of integration, Outlook interacts with Windows Messenger, an instant messaging service. It provides email chat and contact synchronization. However, a few people use this feature today, and Messenger is not in special favor.

Import/export capabilities are similar to other services: it seems that this client does not know about the existence of competitors like Thunderbird and The Bat!.

Nevertheless, the most significant drawback of Outlook is the lack of its own means of spam protection. However, it should be taken in mind that many add-on programs have been created for the Microsoft mail client to combat advertising junk.

2)         Email Editing

Two types of message writing are available: in text and HTML formats. HTML formatting is not impressive, but it is quite enough for Outlook. A spelling check is also provided by default.

3)         Download Speed

The client uses about 17 - 20 MB of RAM when opened and 1 MB when minimized. Such a relatively small speed is natural for a program integrated into Windows. Outlook windows open almost instantly since all the libraries in use are already loaded in the operating system.


Ease of use, accessibility, and functionality - what else is needed? MS Outlook is a good start for Internet users. It can be used to keep track of winnings on gclub as well.

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