How To Get A VIP Status In An Online Casino?

Let’s be honest, a VIP status is something attractive in and of itself! And if you get this status in an online casino it’s also beneficial. VIPs get access to new games and bonus cash. And of course, these very special people get very special treatment. Pretty tangible perks, in fact.

How to Gain a VIP Status In an Online Casino: 4 Quick Steps

The mechanisms of how you become a member of a casino’s VIP program are slightly different in each case. We review the example of casino Rooli because their flow is a more or less standard one.

Step 1: Register and play

First things first, a VIP status is only available to registered players. That’s the same in all casinos. So you sign up at Rooli, for instance, and start playing. And, then, they say you need to be an active player. It’s hard to tell what this actually means. Most likely, this implies regular and significant bets.

The casino, in turn, keeps an eye on how much you're playing and how often. If they find you active, they will consider inviting you to the private club.

Step 2: Meet the VIP Criteria

So, you caught the casino managers’ attention and now it's about hitting specific benchmarks. These typically include

Of course, you shouldn’t expect an invitation right after registration but in a few months or so … that’s pretty realistic.

Step 3: Invitation to Join

In many casinos, including Rooli, VIP membership is invite-only. That is, once you’ve shown you’ve got the chops with consistent play and loyalty, you get an exclusive invite from the VIP Club Manager. This invitation commonly contains basic instructions (all you need to know about stepping up).

This tradition with invitations is often criticized but let’s be honest, there’s something there. The whole idea with VIPs is about making people special and personal invitations are superb for this.

Step 4: Accept Your Invitation

Okay, they’ve sent you an invite? Congrats! There’ll be a bit of paperwork now. More specifically, you’ll need to agree to the VIP terms (the membership terms, so to speak).

This is the best moment to contact the casino manager and ask any questions you have. Many players don’t use their privileges to the fullest simply because they are unaware of some of those.

And keep in mind that many VIP programs are progressive. For example, in Rooli, the program has different levels and, at each level, the size or scope of your bonuses grows. So it’s likewise a good idea to ask the manager how exactly you are supposed to climb these levels.

What Makes VIP So Good?

Programs with VIP perks would naturally differ across casinos. But some types of perks are traditional.

One thing that commonly irritates players in online casinos is automated responses. For VIPs though, the issue is irrelevant — their concerns get the personal touch.

This one is curious. Of course, they advertise it as one of the perks of VIP status. But, technically, if you play with crypto, your withdrawals will be super fast whether you are a VIP or not. So this benefit is only relevant to those cases where the payout waiting time is, indeed, an issue.

Exclusive are not necessarily bigger ones. Rather, they are more custom. For example, if you love slots by a particular provider, they may give you early access to a new arrival by this provider. Or, free spins to play on your favorite game. Or, a bonus somehow tailored to your preferred playing time. And of course, there’ll be birthday promotions and all that.

This one is particularly valuable if you are a high-roller. By the way, even if you haven’t seen this point in the program description, you can still ask your personal manager about it. Often, casinos extend payout limits for loyal clients on demand.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, getting a VIP status is not that difficult after all. In fact, if you are an active player, it’s something that happens to you … naturally. Chasing this status is never a good idea because you’re chasing the exclusive perks and, in the meantime, spending more than you planned. Don’t fall into this trap and keep the focus on the fun in the first place.