Online Slot Games: Which Ones to Play

Are you searching for popular slot games to play? You have come to the right place! We will discuss some popular online slot games and helpful tips for playing.

Slot games are available in most online casinos, including bitcasino. Most of these casinos have diverse games for players to explore online; however, a real player will know there is no point in playing any games other than the interesting or popular ones. Check out some of the popular online slot games below.

Popular Online Slot Games

Most interesting and popular online games have a different theme when you see them, an interesting bonus, and a dynamic payline. Here are some popular slot games you will enjoy;


If you have watched the popular Jumanji movie series, you will understand how enjoyable the game is. Jumanji is a five-reel slot with 36 paylines to bet on the board. NetEnt developed the game based on the classic Sony Pictures movie “Jumanji.”

Hit the symbols with combos and get attractive in-game bonuses, including a free spin and wild symbol. Jumanji is one of the best online slot games to explore. Enjoy yourself while playing the game.

Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood

This fairytale legend has a distinguishable theme from the famous story. You will hit combos like treasure, locks, and keys when you identify the girl in the hood.

This game has five reels with 20 paylines, similar to Deal or No Deal games. Three different attractive bonuses are available here like, re-spin, spin, and free spin.

Wheel of Fortune: On Tour

Most players find this game interesting. It was formerly on a game show series before being made available in casinos.

Wheel of Fortune has five reels with 30 paylines to bet on. There are lots of bonuses in this game triggered by some specific symbols. You might be lucky and hit the jackpot in the spin. Explore this game for interesting bonuses.

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No deal is an interesting and one of the best slot games created by Gamsys, a UK-based developer. There are lots of symbols in this slot game. This online game is a five-reel video game with 20 paylines.

This game has a progressive jackpot between individual jackpots with different coin sizes available. Spin this game and check if it is a deal for you or not.


Explore the casino experience with this game offering different combos that bring real money. Starburst is a 5-reel game with ten paylines. This game offers in-game bonuses to enjoy. Explore this game online and enjoy your gaming experience.

Tips for Playing Online Slot Games

There are no special tips for playing this game, as many websites offer slot games. However, you may find these helpful;


Even when you are looking for some interesting online slot games to play, never forget about the principles of responsible gambling.