SMS Verification Processed via a Mobile App

Using two-factor authentication is a reasonable solution to a safe and secure online experience. However, you may put yourself at risk by getting codes over text. Do you know why? The coronavirus pandemic has caused the rapid increase in the number of hackers and scammers. According to SMS-Man Company, SIM swapping and phishing scams became an often guess in the online environment. It will be wise to use two-factor authentication to protect your personal details and online accounts. With two-factor authentication, it would be wiser still to use the authentication software rather than getting codes through SMS verification.

Using the authentication software is a win-win strategy. Not only is it more secure than getting codes sent to you, but it also makes the login process more convenient.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication, also known as two-step verification or multifactor authentication provides an additional layer of security to your online accounts. Whether it comes to Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you will need to enter your password and a code sent via SMS to access your personal cabinet. This means a scammer would need to steal both your password and your phone to break into your account. And this makes the whole thing very unlikely.

Two-factor authentication in case of vulnerable SMS

Apart from creating strong passwords and using different passwords for each of your accounts, setting up two-factor authentication is the best option you can make to secure your online accounts. Even if you prefer to receive codes via SMS, two-step verification via SMS is still better than one-step verification. Don't rely on the easiest target for scammers.

Hassle Associated with two-factor authentication

If everything done well, you will face less hassle. At, the team of professionals can make things easier for you. With their involvement, you will be receiving codes via Google prompts or an authentication app where you don't need to provide six-digit codes. Of course, it won’t make you grab or tap your mobile phone after specifying your password to log into one of your accounts.

After all, the hassle of the second step of two-factor authentication can hardly be compared to the hassle of getting scammed. It usually happens to be a combination of anger, pain, loss and frustration.