Tourist Attractions in Monaco

The independent state of Monaco, which lies between the French Riviera and the Italian region of Liguria, is one of the world’s smallest independent provinces. Lying by the sea, Monaco is a prime tourist destination that offers a host of scenic destinations and enjoyable amenities and attractions for tourists looking to diversify their stay in Monaco.

So, if you’re considering traveling to Monaco and relishing in all the state has to offer - here are some of the top attractions Monaco has to offer you.

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The Monte Carlo

What may seem strange to some tourists, is the fact that citizens of Monaco are unable to gamble within the borders, yet tourists are able to. In an effort to reduce the country’s debt, the King passed legislation that in order to sustainably combat debt and to produce an industry from which they solely earn, that the citizens could not partake in gambling.

The sustainability of the industry comes from the fact that tourists are the sole sources of income within the gambling industry, meaning that the country cannot fall into debt over the industry.

As a result, Monaco is home to some of the world’s most beautiful casinos, including the Monte Carlo.

The Monte Carlo casino is a casino that is also home to the Opéra de Monte-Carlo and the office of Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, this multipurpose casino provides one of the most immersive and sophisticated gambling experiences in the world.

With virtual games similar to those found on online casino websites, every type of slot game, and card games - there isn’t a game you can’t indulge in at the Monte Carlo.

The Oceanographic Museum

If you enjoy aquatic life and having both fun and educational experience with the entire family - the Oceanographic Museum is for you.

The museum hosts hundreds of well-kept and preserved fish and other aquatic life which are available for viewing as you walk about the site for a low and reasonable entry fee. This experience allows you to see creatures you never thought existed and learn about them too, whilst also being educated on the importance of tending to the ocean and treating it as something that needs to be preserved.

With a stunning building, the aquarium features both the beauty of nature and the beauty of ornate traditional architecture.

The Prince’s Palace

If visiting beautiful castles and palaces to enjoy the opulent and stunning architectural details is more your style - The Prince’s Palace is the destination for you.

Taking a tour around this grand establishment will allow you to take a step into the lives of the royal and become in touch with the rich history of Monaco’s monarchy. You can enjoy an entire day at this palace due to the restaurant and gift shops readily available for you to replenish yourself, whilst also enjoying the scenery and history of the Prince’s Palace.

Monaco Grand Prix

Whether you’re a Formula 1 fan or just a fan of beautiful scenery, the Monaco Grand Prix track is enough to pique the interest of any traveler. With the track running through the streets of Monaco, each Grand Prix, the track is implemented within the roads using blockades and careful formation of tracks.

So if the Grand Prix is on, this area of Monaco will be blocked from pedestrian access and you may even catch some of your favourite drivers soaring past! Or, if the Grand Prix season has not yet reached Monaco, you can walk through where the track is to gain an insight into the beautiful scenery within Monaco and how this is integrated within the track itself by taking a walk through the track map.

The Monaco Harbor

Being a province against the sea, it is unsurprising that a beautiful harbor lay at the border with the Mediterranean sea, where boats of all shapes and sizes moor. With helipads, million-dollar yachts, and beautiful scenery, tourists can mingle with the upper echelons in Monaco and can admire the diverse array of boats present.

Additionally, tourists can dine in the range of restaurants and cafes lining the harbor, so you can enjoy a luxurious meal by the sea and relish in the stunning views as you look out upon the harbor.

This classy region of Monaco is a prime spot for tourists and the wealthy, and the host of multiple sophisticated restaurants, bars, and shops - so it is perfect for any day during your stay where relaxation and indulging in good food and views is at the top of your priorities.