Shared Server Hosting Options

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I've recently come across the need for shared web hosts that will not be under my control. My part is to set up the CPanel for the client and upload the website, and after that, it's in their hands. When choosing a shared host, I consider reliability to bea major factor. I need to be sure the client won't have any problems that aren't solvable by just the technical support team, because otherwise I will have to take the time to come in and fix the site for them.

I have been using this website to compare shared hosting uptime. Reviews are there and it's as a quick and efficient way of finding server host that will suit the needs of each of my clients. As well as the detailed reviews and numerical scores, there are comments and ratings from hundreds of real human beings who are actually using these hosting services. All this information allows me to make an informed choice as to the most fitting option. Adirectory like this is a fast and useful way to clear up my questions about a lot of the specific features each provider has.

Using this service has allowed me to automate certain tasks to match my client's needs. If I know the'll be using a dynamic website that is going to grow over time, I'll be sure to pick a provider that allows bandwidth changes to the account without a hitch. If space will become an issue, I simply select a host that has unlimited space or an easy way of upgrading that as well.

Reliability and SLA Options

Some of the providers that I have found through this service are Psychz as well as The SLA agreements offer a great way to insure against downtime. Access to full uptime reports is one of the perks of review services, and currently the feature that should trump all others.

Dollars and Cents

The budget plans are just as their name suggests, extremely affordable. They can get as low as 50 cents a month for sites that just need to maintain a static website, to a stillvery reasonable $3.50 a month for sites that will need unlimited bandwidth and dynamic hosting to handle customer checkouts.

Details of all money back guarantees offered by the hosts are clearly spelled out -- who offers them and for how long a period. This goes a long way to establishing an atmosphere of trust in servers who will stand behind their products in this way.


The reviews site is set up to make it easy not only to look for the specific features that you need, but also to see how different website hosting services stack up next to each other. Click on the comparisons tab in the top menu to compare cheap hosting services, free hosts, hosts who also will build your site for you from the ground up and hosts who throw in a free domain name as part of the service package you purchase from them.

If you prefer, go to feature comparison for a clear chart that will show you at a glance how each host rates. Zero in on the features you need, such as daily backups, password protected directories or search engine submission, and see who is ready and equipped to give them to you.

Rating the Web Hosting Services

The ratings are not put together by some paid shill but by a few blogger/tech types who are committed to making sure that users are informed about the best web hosting services out there on the interwebs. The information they list will obviously be most helpful to their readers if it is kept up to date. For this reason, they ask for your feedback. Your real life experience using one or more of the web hosting services listed will help others to make the best choice for their site.