5 Reasons Your Business Needs Whiteboard Animation Videos

If you have been promoting your business online for quite a while and if you have started feeling that you could spruce things up a little bit when it comes to your content, there is one particular type of content that you should take into consideration. In case you haven’t guessed it by now, I am referring to whiteboard animations. As I am sure you have heard about these already, I won’t dwell on explaining what they actually are.

In the event that you do need to freshen up your memory a little bit, all you have to do is find yourself the right whiteboard video maker and see how it all works. Nobody can deny the fact that these videos are quite amusing and entertaining, but you probably have a more important question on your mind. Basically, you are curious about whether your particular business actually needs whiteboard animations or not, since you don’t want to invest in something that won’t work for you, no matter how small the investment might be.

Let me start by saying that there are quite a lot of reasons why you should use whiteboard animations, as well as quite a lot of situations in which these could be a life-saver, as they’ll prove to be the best type of content that can get your message across. Yet, this most definitely doesn’t mean that you should abuse the option and create these videos for just about anything. The trick is in using these wisely and deciding based on some facts whether your business needs whiteboard videos at a certain point in time or not.

Since this could be quite tricky for you to decide, especially if you are pretty new for this whole world and if you are not quite knowledgeable on the topic of these animations and their purpose, I have decided to help you out. To put it simply, I’ve decided to tell you about a few reasons why your business needs whiteboard videos and thus help you understand when it is exactly that you should use them. So, read on to find that out and finally comprehend when you should use these animations.

You Have A Complicated Idea

Certain products, services and generally ideas that you want to convey to your audience can be quite complicated from time to time. Yet, you would really love for that audience of yours to stick around for the full explanation because you believe that you are offering them something valuable like a webinar platforms, something that they could definitely use. Still, reading long and complicated explanations is bound to get boring and, even if some people are willing to stick around for the whole text, chances are that they won’t remember half of the things that you wanted to say.

Is there anything you can do to convey this idea in a simpler and more amusing way, i.e. in a way that will definitely keep your audience engaged from the beginning until the end? Well, there most definitely is and it’s called a whiteboard animation. By using this technique, you can break down even the most complicated idea, product or service into chunks and thus make sure that your viewers have not only stuck around for the whole thing, but that they have also perfectly understood what you were trying to say. Nothing grabs interest such as an engaging video.

You Have More Ideas To Cover

Similarly to the above, if you need to cover more ideas at once, a whiteboard video will provide you with the perfect platform to do that in a simple and amusing, yet highly effective way. The best part is, your viewers won’t lose interest as the narrator starts skipping from one idea to another. Plus, you have higher chances that they’ll remember what they heard and saw, since it has been proven that whiteboard animations can increase viewers’ memory quality, as explained here.

You Need To Tell A Story

If you are planning to tell a story about your brand or about a specific product or service while at the same time promoting your business, there’s no better way to do that than by using a whiteboard animation video. After all, people will probably get bored if they need to read that story, especially if it’s a longer one. On the other hand, an animation will keep them interested and engaged throughout the whole story which, once again, provides you with high chances that your whole brand will be remembered by the people who viewed the video. Ultimately, having people remember you is one of your main goals, because that’s the way branding works.

You Plan To Use Humor

Using humor in marketing is definitely a pretty good way to get your message across and have people remember it. Of course, this depends on the actual industry you are in, since there are some things that you absolutely cannot joke about. In any case, if you are planning to use humor, you should keep in mind that doing that through textual content might not work out very well, because the jokes might not come across the way you would want them to. Plus, you have by now probably understood that people often flick through textual content instead of reading the whole piece. A whiteboard animation, on the other hand, is one of the best ways to get your humor across and actually get some laughs.

You Need To Present Something Utterly Boring

Nobody wants to hear this, but there are certain important aspects of your business that you will need to convey to your audience which are extremely and utterly boring. Most likely, those fall under the category of legal terms and similar types of content. Using a whiteboard video to convey those terms and boring messages can be the perfect option for you, because you can make it a bit more interesting and thus ensure that your audience is properly informed about every single thing they need to know, no matter how tedious it might be.